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Planning and Programming
Successful  design  solutions  are  the  result  of  a  comprehensive  program  that  manages  the 
conflicting elements of context, aesthetics, cost, durability, and environmental responsibility.  
Let MELD help determine the feasibility of your project.  Site suitability studies can verify that 
a site is properly  zoned,  has  the  required  utilities,  and  is  appropriately  sized  and  
configured  for  a proposed project.  Architectural programming is the research and decision-making process that identifies the scope of work to be designed.  MELD works with stakeholders to establish goals, examine relevant facts, and develop requirements specific to your project. We have a wide range of experience and specialties including Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), Enterprise Green Communities (EGC), and Historic Preservation / Historic Tax Credits. Click here for more on Historic Preservation+

Good architecture is created in response to a specific place. This includes physical context, historic use, and evolution over time. Meld will study materials and form in conjunction with project context and present options that coordinate with your programmatic goals.

The success of a project is dependent on the ability for the entire project team – Owner, Architect, and Contractor to “MELD” their expertise to the common interest of the project.

Construction Administration
The  success  of  your  project depends  on  open collaboration, internally  within our  studio  
and externally with our clients, consultants, and contractors. MELD will be fully engaged 
throughout the  construction process,  functioning  as  eyes and  ears  for  the  client  during  
all  phases  of construction.   We monitor construction schedules, cost,  progress, and  quality 
while  providing support services to contractors whenever required. MELD enjoys the actual 
construction process: crafting light,  space,  and form to  create memorable  and  functioning  
places.  We  continually explore new materials, welcome input from contractors and craftsmen, and believe strongly in creative collaboration.

Construction Documentation
Construction Documentation encompasses the preparation of drawings and specifications that set forth the detailed requirements for the construction of a building project. Within the context of  
design and construction documentation, design  represents an expression of the desired solution, while construction drawings control the eventual physical outcome of that expression. MELD has extensive experience at creating construction documents  and  navigating projects 
through the complex process of obtaining permits and requesting bids for construction services.

Schematic Design / Design Development
The Schematic Design process seeks to define the general scope and conceptual design of the project including  scale  and  relationships  between  building  components.  During  Schematic Design, MELD will review preliminary plans and conceptual sketches with all stakeholders. This evaluation and interaction allows the client to verify that goals established in the programming phase have been addressed. During Design Development, previous design decisions are refined in greater detail. Architectural  solutions  are  coordinated  with  Mechanical,  Electrical,  and  
Plumbing requirements, providing a basis for the preparation of Construction Documents.   At the 
end of the design development phase, the  architect will provide the client with scaled drawings 
that coherently illustrate the complete project. Click here for 3D Modeling and Visualization+


Planning / Programming / Visioning


Master Planning / Feasibility Studies

Field Verification / Existing Condition Documentation

Building Assessments

Design Development

Rendering and Virtual Tours


Construction Documentation


Construction Administration


Historic Preservation

Building Code Analysis


Accessibility Analysis / Design

Fit Plan – Spatial Utilization Studies

Cost Estimating


Schematic Design

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