Municipal projects often involve elected officials that are eager to work for the change the were voted in to provide. It is always a pleasure to work with people who are trying to promote positive change in their community.

We enjoy working with community leaders encouraging positive change 

Meld is versed on the Public bidding and Prevailing Wage Process

Meld is experienced with the multiple facets of architecture that Municipal projects bring. From the public's interest of return on investment, to the public bidding process. Meld's partners have vast knowledge of the the multiple Federal, State and Local Code and Accessibility requirements that Municipal projects bring and maintain their knowledge their annual continuing education courses.  Both Partner's served on local Architectural Review Boards and are familiar with the typical procedures that are need to achieve the public's approval and support for a Municipal Project.


Meld has worked with a wide variety of clients. We look forward to adding your organization to the list!

​784 SOM Center Road #101  |  Mayfield Village, OH 44143  |  ​Tel: (216) 373-2902

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​784 SOM Center Road #101

Mayfield Village, OH 44143

Tel: (216) 373-2902

​784 SOM Center Road #101  |  Mayfield Village, OH 44143  |  ​Tel: (216) 373-2902